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released December 6, 2011

All songs composed by Miracles of Modern Science

Miracles of Modern Science is:
Evan Younger – lead vocals, double bass
Josh Hirshfeld - mandolin, vocals
Kieran Ledwidge - violin, vocals
Geoff McDonald - cello, vocals
Tyler Pines - drums, vocals

Additional vocals on tracks 2, 5, 9, and 11 by Alexandra Gregory, Jordan Kisner, Elizabeth Lemoine, and Jennifer Puckett

Produced by Miracles of Modern Science
Recorded by Alex Mead-Fox and Tom Tierney at Spaceman Sound, Brooklyn, NY and Terrace F. Club, Princeton, NJ
Mixed by Evan Younger
Mastered by Drew Lavyne at ALL Digital Mastering

Artwork by John J. O’Connor © 2011
Layout by Evan Younger

Very special thanks to:

Graham & Susan McDonald, Giles Sherwood, Lindsey Timko, James Demetri, the officers & members of Terrace F. Club, Mike Cronen, Paul & Helen Ledwidge, Alan Hirshfeld, Sasha Helper, Alexandra Gregory, Larry & Randi Pines, Deborah & John Younger, Elizabeth Lemoine, and Suso

And a huge thank you to our 318 Kickstarter supporters, including:

Steven Ablon, Hicham Mhammedi Alaoui, Nils August Andresen, Ralph Arend, Joan & Larry Beck, Tim Branigan, Claire Burke, Bernadette Casabonne, Karyn Joaquino Clemons, Jeff Cohn, Larry Crowley, Rosemarie Dietzel, Elizabeth Flynnperrault, Herb & Judy Freedman, Richard Golob, Anne & Matt Hall, Catherine Heller, Helen Helper, Reed & Laura Herndon, Margaret Hirshfeld, Chris Hobbs, Lovell Holder, Alex Honnet, Johannes Münzel, Maris Jensen, Chantal Kerssens, Jordan Kisner, Dan Kisner & Rosette Garcia, Raymond Kurzweil, Anthony Lame, Steven Lauritano, Dominique Lemoine, Mary Beth Lemoine, Barry & Anne Lupton, Jay Markham, Kate Meyers, Weston Minami, Michael Mitchell, Rick Mitchell, Johannes Münzel, Brian O’Kelley, Liz Palmer, Colby Pines, Justin Pines, Harold Thornton Pratt IV, Reddio, Zoë Saunders, Cindy & Robert Sherwood, Paul Stepansky, George Strongylis, Beryl Solla, Barbara Wenitsky, and Michelle Younger




Miracles of Modern Science New York

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Track Name: MOMS AWAY!
I'm the seed of a gun, elevator to the sun
are you cold? are you cold?
you will need a typhoon on the surface of the moon
weren't you told? weren't you told?

secrets between robotic schemes giving me nightmares in my sleep
what do they mean, these psychotic dreams? why are they killing all my sheep?
secret machines inside the seams, draining the marrow from my bones
I think that I see they're not unlike me, they're just afraid of being alone

I'm in need of your stun, or my head might come undone
fall off whole, fall off whole
at full speed, at full speed, I am begging on my knees
for your hold, for your hold
Track Name: Strangerous
I watch you every day, try to catch your eye but you turn away
I mumble something weird, shuffle my feet and hunch my shoulders
I curse my nervous brain, my perforated face and my lanky frame
still I might hold you dear if I had a clue how to win you over

it's not enough to haunt you
and hide away in the crowd
but can i say i want you out loud

oh I'll just bide my time, puzzle out a plan how to make you mine
I got a shot of you, a tub of vaseline and a wad of tissue
hush now don’t make a sound, turn the music up, pull the covers down
oh do you love this too? stare into your eyes and pretend to kiss you

oh god what have I done? told you how I feel, now I feel your shun
how can I ever shake the terror in your eyes when I said I loved you
oh god oh god I'm dead, gotta run away, gotta hide my head
please just forget my face, I'll eradicate every memory of you
Track Name: Tensity
hiding in your sheets tonight till the quiet comes
thought I’d fly up, but I punctured the sky
swimming in your streets tonight till my time is done
deflated a cloud and it flapped to the ground, dragging me down as it fell

if I’m not all that you need, tell me what to be
I just like the way you breathe

want to see the things you see, I want to see the things you see, I want to see the things you see now

won’t you drag me out tonight? hold on to me dear
thought we’d blast off, but you just blacked out
try to keep my grip so tight, still you disappear
Track Name: Eating Me Alive
darling, we're in deep, it's true
try to part, we stick like glue
cancer's got nothing on you
you speak up as if on cue
ask me what I want to do
oh my dear I wish I knew

but darling please, I hope you see
it isn’t really up to me

figured that my heart would be my guide
but when I asked my heart my spleen replied
said “don't bother with your heart, he never can decide
stick with me, I'm better qualified”

dear, I don't know what to say
heart says go, my spleen says stay
insides are in disarray
there's no chance they'll meet halfway
get more pushy by the day
don't know whom to disobey

my darling dear, oh can't you see
you've upset my anatomy
I'm begging you for sympathy
my body fights so viciously

I think the time has finally arrived
to tear this useless organ from my hide
cause all this indecision, oh it's eating me alive
without my heart, could our love survive?
Track Name: Quantum Of Solace
now she spurts, now she sputters, now she dies, now she dies
pinch her cheek, prick her finger, still she lies, still she lies
are you there? can you hear me? no reply, no reply
peel the gauze off her forehead, kiss her eyes, kiss her eyes

just let me go to sleep, I want to go to sleep, I want to sleep

won't you please be my escort, won't you please be my shame
all i want is a body with no name
I’ll insist that I love you but you know it’s a lie
kill the lights, close the curtains, shut your eyes........

your outline shifts in and out of focus
heave a sigh hoping that you will notice
lying flat, blind with my eyes wide open
we won’t last, what use have we for hope then
Track Name: Luminol
I can hardly see you over all this noise
stale reverberations of your voice
enter through my eyeballs, bounce around my skull
fill me up until my mind is full

take me out of your head, feed me luminol instead
of your thoughts, of your skin, of your forays into sin
take me out of your mind, feed me drink until I'm blind
then I'll crawl back inside.

your lips are shaped like daggers gunning for my brain
cut me off before i can explain
going, gone, I’m nothing, must have lost my spine
through it all, I just repeat “I’m fine, I’m fine”
Track Name: Friend Of The Animals
tell me to go play dead
I will comply, I will comply
love is a sleeping dog
just let it lie, just let it lie

oh when i feel you stir
I smell your fear, I smell your fear
you burrow into the earth
and disappear, and disappear

when I say “I want you near”
sounds so high, only dogs can hear
but they sympathize – I see it in their dog eyes
that’s just me, I’ll always be a friend of the animals

if you don’t wanna love me I got animals to love me
my fuzzy brothers, four legged lovers
if you don’t wanna love me I got kittens I got puppies
under the covers

I’ve got a fuzzy drug
to ease my brain
nuzzle and lick and love
away my pain

I’ve got a fuzzy drug
to make me whole
creatures sent from above
to save my soul

I would call you my pet
but you don’t like when i call you that
so now i done found me one who loves me
you never could have understood a friend of the animals

if you don’t wanna love me I got animals to love me
my fuzzy brothers, four legged lovers
if you don’t wanna love me I got kittens I got puppies
under the covers

now that we’ve reached the end
I’m feeling fine, I’m feeling fine
you’ve got your more-than-friend
and I’ve got mine, and I’ve got mine

you don’t want to love me
I don’t want to love you
I can find other things to do
I’ve got friends at the petting zoo
Track Name: Space Chopper
space chopper, come and take me home
don’t leave me alone

just today thought I saw my sweetie
with a man who I’d seen her eyeing before
I can’t believe she could live without me
I can’t believe that I would care anymore

run a mile or compose a ballad
anything to keep from calling her on the phone
I need a goal, I need a habit
someone show me a road
Track Name: I Found Space
I hear my muffled, soupy breath
lick my lips each fourth or fifth
swallow my spit

it's amplified like through a cone
seems to echo through the dome
over my head

the polyester lining scrapes
against my six-day stubbled face
trapping my groans

I try and fail to twist my neck
my arms and legs pinned to a rack
cracking my bones

I went looking for heaven but I found space
and it was great, it was great
back home they thought I'd vanished without a trace
but I found space, I found space

I'm peering out this tiny hole
in a twenty gallon bowl
plastic and chrome

and all the stars and dust I see
look no more real than on TV
let me go home

craning for a better view
over metal walls
if I could return to you
I would ditch it all
Track Name: The Moon & Australia
your crumpled kiss
your empty body
the ashes from your cigarette

a little itch
creeping upon me
that this is all I’m gonna get

you’ve got this taste
since you quit me
I’ll probably never have you back

if that’s the case
just let it hit me
please, darling, let me feel the lack
Track Name: Bossa Supernova
they say you're a siren, they say you're a monster
but I never noticed, you hide it so well.
your smile seems it’ll age well, but then they tell me that it's only a lure
they might have been joking, but I couldn't tell.

when you fall down from heaven,
never reach the ground
float along through the ether
till you drown

no sooner it's started, I'm wishing it's over
my eye on the doorway, my hand on the bell
the shine under your eyelids, it sends a warning I could never ignore
or maybe it’s nothing, but how can I tell?
Track Name: Secret Track
now listen here, young sonny Jim
and I’ll tell you how I lost my limbs…

one day when I was playing darts
I punctured all my body parts
I quelled the pain by downing gin
which worked until gangrene set in

oh Doctor, my fate’s looking grim,
but can’t you please restore my limb?
"I’m sorry, son, you came too late
we're going to have to amputate"

the operation now complete,
devoid of arms, legs, hands and feet
I slither home, only to find
my wife being rooted from behind

and oh, it rends my heart to see
such vile adulterous sodomy
but before I can even speak
she screams “away, you limbless freak!”

I saw my baby with a cyborg
I saw my baby with a robot
I saw my baby with a human being

I saw my baby with a wallaby
I saw my baby with a dingo
I saw my baby in Australia

but oh, my dear, I shan’t lose face
I’ll simply have my limbs replaced.
with robot legs, with which to tread
and robot claws to crush your head